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All the online UK survey companies detailed on this page are free to join and will pay you in money, vouchers, or some other form of reward. The surveys generally should only take up a couple of minutes of your time to answer a few questions on your opinions about a wide range of subjects, such as the films you watch, music you listen to, type of car you drive and the type of food you eat.

So what’s the catch I hear you thinking - well there isn’t one. The survey companies find it beneficial to perform the surveys online because they can target the correct audience, thanks to the information you enter when you register to join a survey site. This saves them time and money as otherwise they would have to pay someone to stand in a shopping centre, trying to find people who meet the criteria and then persuade them to participate. Online surveys are much more practical and cost efficient for the survey companies plus you can complete the surveys in your own time in your own home.

If participating in surveys sounds like an easy way for you to earn some extra money, then sign up with some of the survey companies below and start to make money by telling people what you really think of them and their products.


Emailinform offers incentives for completing short online lifestyle related surveys. Everyone who registers at Emailinform gets automatic entry into a £10,000 prize draw. At the end of the sign up survey, you get immediate access to a rewards page with their latest discounts, offers and prizes. After this you can return to the rewards page as often as you like to take up their latest offers, without having to complete any more surveys. Incentives offered to date by Emailinform have included free holidays, phones, book and music discounts, shopping vouchers and a host of other lifestyle related rewards.

Lightspeed Research

Lightspeed Research are a UK based market research company who will reward you for helping them by answering online questionnaires. By participating in their research not only do you earn rewards (Paypal, gift certificates and loads of other stuff) but you are also given an opportunity to shape the products and services of tomorrow.

Great UK Survey

The Great UK Survey offer you entry into a prize draw of £5,000 for spending 5 minutes to answer their survey.

Test & Vote

Test & Vote will reward you with vouchers for completing surveys and giving your opinions by testing out various items including cinema, fashion, travel, finance, food and drink to name but a few subjects they are interested in.

Neilsen / NetRatings Panel

Nielsen//NetRatings Panel are currently looking for new survey members to participate in their iFamily surveys regarding internet usage.Neilsen are a well established company who have been influential in determining the popularity of TV programs for over 50 years. Panel members can expect to receive regular surveys requesting their thoughts and opinions.

Ciao will pay you for taking surveys and giving you opinions on products you have used. They also give you £1 free when you join. The minimum pay out from Ciao is only £5 which makes it an attractive survey site to join, especially as surveys are fairly regular with sometime two or three a day. This is an international survey site who will also pay out in US dollars.


Pickthem is an independent website which conducts research for UK businesses and offers a variety of rewards for completing surveys and questionnaires.

The American Consumer Opinion

The American Consumer Opinion is an international survey community that is not restricted to Americans. The average online survey should last around 10 minutes and you can expect to be paid between $4 to $25. By joining this site you are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw with the opportunity of winning $250.


Surveysavvy pays you for completing surveys and if you do not qualify you will be entered into a monthly prize draw. Surveysavvy is an excellent online survey program and this is proven by the fact that it has over 3 million members across 190 countries earning money from completing surveys. Survey Savvy also have a referral program allowing you to earn money when you refer other members and they complete surveys.

My Voice

My Voice pays you for participating in surveys by rewarding you with points that can be exchanged for vouchers to spend at Amazon, Tesco, Boots etc.


Opinionistic are a survey portal who give you easy access to some of the best survey panels currently recuiting in the UK who offer money and rewards for your participation and opinions.

Pure Profile

Earn £1 every time you read and respond to a survey from Pure Profile. Balances as low as £5 can be converted to ipoints or exchanged for CD-WOW vouchers, or you can save them up and receive a cheque for £25.


Songpeople offers you CDs and vouchers as rewards for completing online music surveys which can involve watching music videos or listening to music and then giving your opinions.

CCRA Consumer Panel

The CCRA Consumer Panel will reward you with between £5 and £50 in cash or shopping vouchers each time you participate in one of their surveys.


YouGov allows you to earn money from answering political surveys. They send out regular surveys which are generally quite short, however, the minimum pay out is £50.


The Juicybrainspanel will pay you £1 for joining their survey site and around £1 for each survey you complete.


Spidermetrix will pay you in the form of points which can be exchanged for payment via Paypal, gifts or vouchers the choice is up to you. This is an international survey site and is not restricted to the inhabitants of any particular country. The only requirement is that you were born before 1986.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions will reward you each time you participate in one of their online surveys. The value of the rewards varies from 25p from taking part in a text poll to £50 or more for attending a focus group. You are able to redeem these cash amounts in vouchers once your balance reaches £5. The vouchers available are Amazon, Boots, Tesco, HMV and WH Smith.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research will pay you a £4 voucher for each survey that you complete for them. The vouchers can be used in a wide variety of shops such as Boots, Tesco and Starbucks. Pinecone will send you a survey around once or twice a month and these are generally take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Sometimes they even send you the vouchers in advance of you completing the surveys. This is one of the best survey companies out there but unfortunately they are not recruiting new members at the moment.

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